This activity results of a merger between two distinct sets of know-how:

those of a  Director of Photography & of a Lighting Designer.
Director of Photography
There is one on every set using cameras. He is in charge of the good recording and restitution of images.
He is here to ensure that the Director will obtain the expected images for broadcasting.
To do so, he has to play with the lighting, optics, filters, cameras, decor/set, costumes & make-up and he has to coordinate with the calibration technician.
Lighting Designer
He is responsible for the stage's lighting design.
His job is to develop the emotions and feelings wanted by the Director, the Set-designer or the Artist through the use of artistic lighting. The validated lighting concept is then translated into "LAO" (Computer Assisted Lighting).

This is how we work:

Added value 
All types of projects
Online Service
Product Knowledge technologies and lighting systems
3D Modeling
Use of standardized tools (soft & hardware) 
Calculation method meets the standards in the profession.
Work files CAD / BIM
Technical skills updated on a daily basis

Lines of business 
TV / Media
VIP staff
Political Meeting
Corporate Film
Talk Show
Broadcast Concert / Tour


TV Broadcast / Stade de France 

A tent of 1600 sqm, with roof and transparent walls.This space was arranged in the heart of the "Stade de France" to host a seminar for a top international corporation. This place was attended by more than 1,500 industry leaders, for their annual event.
The central scene was equipped with a sphere on which we projected on 360° in order to display images and videos for the entire crowd.
We covered the entire stadium with lighting effects to give a grandiose feeling to the event.

Some figures:
1 month artistic and technical preparation.
10 day for installation (Day / Night 80 people)
Lighting projector: 600 Moving Heads
HD Mobile Production Truck5xCam  and 1x Steady Cam 

Production of event: "Boarding Pass"
Client: "Boarding Pass"
Technical Team: Group Dushow
Date : December 2012

TV Broadcast / Political Meeting
FRANCE / Region Parisienne

This meeting is organized every year in a different venue that can accommodate more than 40,000 people in Paris.
Examples: Expo Park, stadiums etc.
Proscenium opening of 50m.
It is equipped with a central set at the center where Presidents, Ministers, International Delegations and other VIPs will give a speech one after another.
5 hours of live event, broadcasted on several different channels around the world.
For this type of live event broadcasting, I use a second Director of Photography as backup to cover for the unpredictable hazards of live shows.

Some figures:
1 month artistic and technical preparation.
15 day for installation (Day / Night 80 people)
Lighting projector: 500 Moving Heads
HD Mobile Production Truck: 8xCam and 1x Steady Cam 
 2 x Cranes  15m
Production of event: /////
Client:  //////
Date : every year since 2009

TV Broadcast
Marseille / FRANCE

This space was arranged in the heart of the Marseille to host a seminar of the corporate executives association APM.This place was invested by more than 3,000 industry leaders, for their annual event. The central scene was equipped with a 360° sphere in order to display images and videos for the entire crowd. Unique lighting concept for a 360° philharmonic orchestra centered on the conductor.

Some figures:

1 month artistic and technical preparation.
5 days for installation (Day / Night 80 people)
Lighting projector: 300 Moving Heads
HD Mobile Production Truck: 5xCam  and 1x Steady Cam

Production of event: Association APM
Client: Boarding Pass 
Technical Team: Group Dushow / Arpège
Date: March 2013

Paris Trocadéro / France

The light and sound animations were part of the 2008 July 14th Fête Nationale celebrations – France’s most important public holiday. The lightshow accompanied the traditional annual Quatorze Juillet fireworks spectacle in the Trocadero square, located on the right bank of the River Seine facing the Eiffel Tower on the left bank. All lighting equipment for the event was supplied by Paris based rental house, Impact Evénement.

Preparations and rigging started 9 days in advance and involved approximately 50 technicians who rigged lights and pyro onto three trussing circles – one with a 20 metre diameter and two with 6 metre diameters - placed in the centre of the Trocadero. These were then hoisted 60 metres into the air by cranes.

A combination of 94 Robe ColorSpot 2500E ATs and ColorSpot and Wash 1200E ATs were rigged onto the three circles, along the ground in front of the Trocadero’s fountains and water features and on the roof of the Palace de Chaillot, which itself was architecturally lit for the first time in a Quatorze Juillet event.

Twelve out of 60 ColorSpot 2500E ATs were rigged onto the main circle, with the other 48 positioned on the roofs and terraces of the Palace de Chaillot. Of the 34 ColorSpot and ColorWash 1200E ATs, 12 were rigged onto the two 6 metre circles, with the remaining 22 deployed around the Trocadero Gardens to uplight buildings and generally help with foreground lighting.

Robe fixtures were chosen for this design because of their high power and brightnessin a situation where they had to hold their own amidst the intense spectacle of the fireworks. Working with the smoke generated by the show, they proved the perfect compliment for the pyrotechnics.

Lighting was programmed on 3 grandMA consoles.

The visually awesome Trocadero element of Paris’s Quatorze Juillet evening was choreographed to a medley of music by Mozart, Bizet, Gershwin and Puccini and divided into two sections. The first was dedicated to Quebec celebrating its 400th Birthday, followed by 30 minutes of opera arias culminating in a virtual duet between Maria Callas and Luciano Pavarotti.

The project coordinator was François Fleury from Impact Evénement and the Pyrotechnic designer was Fabrice Chouiller, with the pyrotechnic production and equipment provided by Prestatech Artifices.

(Source of the text: ROBE lighting.)
Production of event:   Mairie de Paris 
Date : 14 July 2008

Paris / France

Creation and lighting design of the Unesco House Auditorium in Paris.
This project was presented during the awarding of the Architect of France Price.

Some figures:
1 month artistic and technical preparation.
5 days for installation (Day / Night 80 people)
Lighting projector: 90 Moving Heads
Mobile Production Truck5xCam
Conception:  Event
Partners: Impact
Date : 14 July 2008

  • ALLIANZ au Stade de France  TV BROADCAST / Convention Annuelle France / 2013
  • TERRE d’INFO TV BROADCAST /Plateau TV partenaire du Ministère de la Culture 2008 <>2010
  • SITCOM TV BROADCAST /Tournage 35 épisodes / La REUNION 2007
  • LA CHAINE PARLEMENTAIRE TV BROADCAST / TV Assemblée Nationale. Paris 2011 
  • ALSTOM EVENT / Convention en CHINE / PEKIN 2009
  • PHILIPS EVENT / Train Exposition itinérante  par la Société PHILIPS 2010
  • GAZ DE FRANCE EVENT / Grande Arche. LA DEFENSE 2008
  • ARCELOR EVENT / Salon de l’Acier Reims 2008 
  • PORCHE FRANCE & ALLEMAGNE EVENT / Convention France /2010
  • BAYER EVENT / Convention France / Etranger /2009
  • EDF-GDF EVENT / Convention+ AG + Strand Salon Des Maires Porte de Versailles /2008
  • AUDI FRANCE EVENT / Lancement Voiture AUDI TT FRANCE /2008
  • LABORATOIRE AVENTIS  EVENT / rain Exposition itinérante Pour La Lutte Contre Le Cancer / 2009
  • TRAIN DE LA PLANETE EVENT / Train Exposition itinérante par la Société TRAINS EXPO /2008