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At the top of the pyramid in this application, the lighting designer creates the lighting concept of a show following the guidelines of an artistic project. Upstream, he elaborates a general lighting setup and puts it in action during rehearsals to propose different light and shade effects to the director or choreographer, and play with the volumes of the proposed decor. Through the direction given to each spotlight, he brings depth to the set and helps the public to follow the script or the show's structure through lighting effects.

The lighting designer works closely with the lighting engineer who in turn leads a team of technicians in charge of the implementation of effects. He gives him instructions to pre-record all the combinations of lighting effects as desired. Most of the time, he entrusts the lighting engineer with the technical lead during the show.

From regular spotlights to console programming and the use of filters and optical effects, the light sources are varied and numerous. The lighting designer has to constantly improve his skills and find ways to quickly adapt to the evolution of equipment. And if nowadays computers are everywhere, he needs to be able to use traditional techniques such as playing with white sheets like in a shadow puppet show. It all depends on the choices he makes to translate the intentions of the director or choreographer.
The validated lighting concept is then translated into LAO= Computer Assisted Lighting.

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  • JAMES BROWN   Last concert in Paris on July 3 2004 (Palais des Congrès Paris)
  • LOUIS BERTIGNAC   Tour 2005 / 2009 (replacing MAX HAAS)
  • ROBERT CHARLEBOIS Tour 2004 / 2005 (replacing SONY THIAM)
  • TONY CARREIRA  Tour Europe 1993/1996
  • CHRISTOPHE Tour 2002 / 2003 (replacing OLIVIER PAYENT)
  • CHEB KHALED Tour 2001 (replacing MAX HASS)
  • F.F.F Festival Afrique du Sud en 2001 (replacing PHILIPPE AMBLARD)
  • ZOUC MACHINE    Tournées 1999/2000 
  • SHEILA   Tour / 2000
  • JANE MANSON    Festival Sigean/2005  pour Mondial show
  • LES CREATEUR SENEGALAIS  Mode Carrousel Du Louvre. PARIS 2009