Alexandre Junca has a solid 22 years experience in the lighting industry and all its applications (Entertainment & TV, Marketing & Promotional events, Concerts, Theatre, Musicals, Festivals, Tours, Architecture, Interior & Exterior Design among others).

Out of passion, Alexandre started working the lights in Paris as early as 1989 when he was only a high-school student.

After graduating with a Bachelor in Industrial Automation in 1994 he formally started his professional career with a focus on the live music industry, where he was in charge of the light setup, tuning and light pursuit.

Working on large scenes and national and international tours for various renowned artists, he has been exposed extensively to the challenging conditions of the live industry. While keeping a strong pipeline of concerts and tours on, Alexandre diversified his activities in 1996 and started working with television at AB Production on some of the most popular French Sitcoms and TV Series of the late 1990’s on the number one French channel TF1. He quickly got promoted to Lighting Director while his now solid experience with live concerts allowed him to become a gaffer for the supervision of entire shows in some of the biggest live venues in France, managing up to 30 staff. Constantly enlarging his scope of responsibilities, he became Director of Photography for various shows for French TV starting 2004.

Overall, Alexandre has worked on 313 Series episodes, and over 460 hours on live TV shows.

Having started his first company referred to as A-Full in 2000 with fellow lighting specialists to be able to cope with demand and share the workload, Alexandre worked on various projects as Director of Photography, Lighting Designer, and Chief Gaffer (French National Day in Paris and Eiffel Tower, Zenith, Olympia, International Tours). Because he had specialized in Computer Assisted Lighting early on, he also became a professional trainer on software such as WYSIWIG (Cast Lighting).

Finally since 2009, Alexandre has managed several Lighting Design projects applied to architecture (interior & exterior) and gradually produced some of the most amazing light shows such as in Manila, Philippines, with the City of Dreams Casino.

Since 2010, Alexandre has launched 2 companies (C-LAO, iSight) in France and in the Philippines, where he has recently expanded his operations and brought with him a wealth of experience.

Membre of IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers)


"Light is a passion"


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