This activity results of a merger between two distinct sets of know-how:

those of a Lighting Designer & Technology Monitoring.

Lighting Designer

The lighting of a wall, a suite, a swimming-pool or a night-club generally results from an artistic reflection in line with an architectural concept. Understanding the building and its features, assimilating the technical constraints are prerequisites to the discussions leading to the artistic concept. Agreeing on possibilities and limitations with the building's architect and the client is essential before giving birth to the general lighting concept of the project.

Then we use our know-how to magnify the beauty of a building or the history of an architectural element using the magic of lights.

Technology Monitoring

Researching, discovering and inventing new lighting products is the daily task of a Lighting Designer. This is what enables us to constantly offer new ideas and solutions to our clients by merging the best of Technology and Design.

This technological focus is key for the architectural applications because of the hundreds of new products that are proposed on a daily basis by suppliers. Discerning the bad, the good and the best products while keeping our independence from the supplier brands can only be achieved through a perpetual monitoring of the market and its evolution.

This is how we work:

Added value

All types of projects

Online Service

Product Knowledge technologies and lighting systems

3D Modeling

Use of standardized tools (soft & hardware)

Calculation method meets the standards in the profession.

Work files CAD / BIM

Technical skills updated on a daily basis

Lines of business

Outdoor / Indoor

Hotel / Palace

Lounge / Disco

Mall / Casino

Residential / Building

Great Outdoors: Parks & Gardens

Permanent Show - Special Projects

Luminotherapie, Chromotherapy.


CASINO City of Dreams

Philippines / Metro Manila


Philippines / Metro Manila


Philippines / Bocaue, Bulacan


Philippines / Intramuros


Philippines / Fort Bonifacio

MOVENPICK & Ibiza Beach Club

Philippines / CEBU

• CASINO MIDAS Philippines / Metro Manila / INDOOR/OUTDOOR 2010


• HONDA / MAZDA Guadeloupe ZI Jarry / INDOOR/OUTDOOR 2009